Friday, October 7, 2016

Turning 50 Alone

She went to sleep thinking of the multitude of meetings and plans she had for the coming day and weeks to come never knowing that she would never wake up to again.

I lost a friend this week. She and I would have turned 50 together next year in 2017. On September 3, 2016 she turned 49 and celebrated that night like she was 50. Next year the class of 1985 and those who were born in 1967 will cross the half a century mark alone and without my friend.

There is sadness that glows like a light as I stand and watch the daylight slip away as I park my car for her wake. My friend was never sick and had no ailments that were known or unknown.

It was her time the coroner said. She died of natural causes at 49 more than a month after her 49th birthday and more than a year before her 50th birthday. She was a wife, mother and an accomplished ambitious career woman who was pursuing her doctorate in Early Childhood Education.

She and I would have turn 50 together next year, but she died thinking of all the things she had to do the next day and in the coming weeks.



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