Wednesday, December 31, 2014

2014 YEAR IN REVIEW/New Year’s Resolution


Learned stuff, ate more than I needed, read a lot, watched TV, played on FB. In the 2014 was very interesting.

Therefore, it’s time for my resolution

New Year’s Resolution

1.Eat more bacon. Nothing says love like a healthy portion of bacon on a BLT or bacon and egg sandwich.  In 2015 I want to make it my mission to eat more bacon!

2.Cuss more. Every now and then a nice well placed cuss word soothes the soul and shocks folks. Nothings says “phuck” better than the word itself.

3. Plan to stop procrastinating before December 31, 2015

4. Cook more spaghetti.

5.  Blog more

6.  Drink more hot chocolate

7.  Watch more television

8.   Enjoy the sweeter side of life - M&Ms, Hershey kisses, candy corns, and chocolate cake

9.   Keep my opinions to myself (yeah, right).

10.  Be less perfect

11.  Tolerate fools more gladly

12.  Read constantly

13.  Eat less healthy

14.  Feel freer to unfriend, unfollow, those whose views are borderline Katshiat Krazy

15.  Eat more baked potatoes & prime rib

16.  Dance naked more

17.  Try and contact aliens

18.  Watch Netflix’s more

19.  Sleep more

20.  Eat more ice cream
Abigail-Madison Chase

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

I was a red umbrella in a prevous life

     I often feel like a red umbrella.  I am not sure why, but, it always seems as if I am caught in a rain storm and the only person that will cover me is me.
      The other day I saw a picture that looked just like I often feel. There was a beautiful red umbrella in a sea of black ones.
       I loved the picture so much I made it the focal point of my blogger header. Who knows maybe in a previous life I was an umbrella.


Monday, December 29, 2014

Forever Young/Happy Birthday to ME

Today's my birthday! 
I was born on a snowy December 29, O so many years ago. I'll embrace my age when it hurts someone else to not know it.
Birthdays are those awesome landmarks that acknowledge our transition from one age to another. Year after year they come and go.
    The older we get, the less we celebrate our special day of birth.
      Our first birthday is often like the wind, the sixteenth, eighteenth and twenty first, are like a fresh breath of air we are taking. We exhale on our thirtieth,  then our fortieth, and fiftieth come with much fanfare and woe.
      I enjoyed my birthday this year. It was filled with good friends, family and great food. I had a couple of slices of my favorite chocolate cake along with chicken salad sandwiches and ice cream. I must admit, I over indulged and loved it.
My 2014 birthday has come and gone but I remain forever young.

Sunday, December 28, 2014

Crestfallen With The Doldrums of Woebegone Valentines

       I often wonder if the universe is playing a cruel trick on the inhabitants of earth.   Life is never perfect. Then just when you begin to think it is, the universe sends you a message that your life never will be perfect. 

       In the last year I've began to find my voice in terrible poetry as I try to wait out the universe and it's declaration that my life will never be perfect.

     Is there meaning in my poetry? No. It's just me and a thesaurus on those days when life has kicked me hard. If you are looking for a deeper meaning in my poetry, you want find it. What you will find is me and my virtually endless supply of thesauruses.

     I am not a wordsmith by any means, nor am I an articulate poet who can embrace the wind. I remain, me.  Plain old Abigail-Madison Chase.

I did not  inherit the poetic skills of a Nobel Poet Laureate nor will I ever win a poetry contest. But what I will do is entertain you with my whimsical poetry.

     I remain, steadfast and unmovable in my inability to use correct grammar or spelling.  If you judge me based upon that, then you my good sir or madam are worthy of more that I can offer in my mediocre books of poetry.

     I remain,

Abigail-Madison Chase,

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Seasons of A Heart

I love the change of seasons Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall, each has something different to offer.

 I also love the rain in every season. 

Sleet, snow and ice rain down on us in Winter.

Hot, sticky humid rain falls in the Summer, Spring rains usher in the rebirth of flowers in blossom.

Fall rains are often mist of fog.
Like the heart the season change as the rain does.

 Seasons of A Heart 

Love overflowing,
Like a river of melting ice
Thawing, a heart covered with snow
A love so real, birds chirp
Spring comes early
Flowers bloom
Love so overpowering
Roses salute the smell
Natures bows, in respect
Winter, Summer, Spring, Fall
Love finds a broken or redeemed heart in all
Seasons change like hearts

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Mediocre, beautiful, and run of the mill, Abigail's inventive poetry


Mediocre, beautiful, and run of the mill, Abigail's  inventive poetry is written by an uninspired poet. The Tragic Poetic Musings of Abigail features  barely adequate poetry in an ordinary assemblage of undistinguished quality.   Abigail Madison Chase finds meaning in the perils and tragic follies of love. Tragic Poetry of Unrequited Love is for lovers of sad and dramatic poetry.      

Spending long hours at the hospital has codified the fact that I am a terrible poet. I write not like a girl, but an overly enthusiastic lover of sad poetry whose lived a life so melancholy it hurts to smile.

Ahh, the trials and tribulations of love gone wrong. I am not a poet but I do enjoy writing crap that and illogical as love. If only I were the Al Green of poetry. If only, I could master the lyrics of a love song. In the end I am just me, and uninspired poet of terrible poetry.

Tis the Season to be Jolly


Tis the season to be Jolly.

The month of December began as the end of the year  looms and a season of celebration is welcomed.

Joy to the World will spread across the miles as people and places unite in celebration.

I love this time of year. It's the month of my birth and there will be lots food and invitations to celebrations from December 1-31. Nothing says "hello" more than a nice plate of cookies or a fruit basket. Each December a smile comes across my face in celebration of spending the entire month in "food heaven". O' how I love thee December.



Monday, December 1, 2014

Tragic Poetry of Unrequited Love:The Tragic Poetic Musings of Abigail

Mediocre, beautiful, and run of the mill, Abigail's inventive poetry is from the bowels of an uninspired poet.

The Tragic Poetic Musings of Abigail features  barely adequate poetry in an ordinary assemblage of undistinguished quality.   Abigail Madison Chase finds meaning in the perils and tragic follies of love. Tragic Poetry of Unrequited Love is for lovers of sad and dramatic poetry.
© Abigail Madison Chase

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