Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Seasons of A Heart

I love the change of seasons Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall, each has something different to offer.

 I also love the rain in every season. 

Sleet, snow and ice rain down on us in Winter.

Hot, sticky humid rain falls in the Summer, Spring rains usher in the rebirth of flowers in blossom.

Fall rains are often mist of fog.
Like the heart the season change as the rain does.

 Seasons of A Heart 

Love overflowing,
Like a river of melting ice
Thawing, a heart covered with snow
A love so real, birds chirp
Spring comes early
Flowers bloom
Love so overpowering
Roses salute the smell
Natures bows, in respect
Winter, Summer, Spring, Fall
Love finds a broken or redeemed heart in all
Seasons change like hearts


© Abigail Madison Chase

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