Friday, April 5, 2013

Welcome to the Janitors Closet

A couple of weeks ago I rode the elevator with a man so sexy he took my breath away. He was six feet four, muscular and with a sexier than chocolate dimpled smile that almost made me blush. Dressed in an olive green uniform as we exited the elevator together and he walked ahead of me to a door marked Janitors Closet.  Pulling it open, he peered around the corner, smiled at me while give me a sexy wink.  Stopping in my tracks I watched as the door marked Janitor closed. Continuing on my way I could not help but wonder what Secrets lay behind the Janitors Closet.

For weeks now I have been intrigued by the Janitors Closet. So, intrigued I decide to start my own whimsical blog called “The Janitors Closet”. Just like the Janitors unexpected wink, The Janitors Closet is place you can expect the unexpected.

So join me in the Janitors Closet Monday –Friday as we explore what’s behind the door.


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