Sunday, March 1, 2015

I kissed a frog and I think I liked it.

      I’ve always wanted to be a princess. I even wanted to kiss the frog that turned into a prince. I can vividly remember my mother who a preschool teacher was reading my siblings and I fairytales at bedtime and when we took a naps in summertime.
    I would close my eyes and imagine myself as the Cinderella, Snow White or Little Red Ridinghood. Though Little Red Ridinghood was not a princess, in my book she was.
     I guess you could say I fell in love, with love, on those nights/and days that my mom would open her book of Grimm’s Fairytales.  I never grew up to be princess but I did kiss a frog who liked being a frog. No, he never turned into a prince. He was too happy being a frog. But in my heart he was my prince.


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