Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Lyrics of Love

Love songs often define love. Each and every time I hear an Al Green song I find that my definition of love is ingratiated in the lyrics of his songs. As my heart listens to the lyrics my heart becomes engulfed me in the flames of love.  The quit yearning for a lifelong love always blows a kiss to my heart.

Each and every time I look at my DH I think of these lyrics to “Lay it Down by Al Green”. …I just love you for yourself I don’t want nobody else…….. Your love is a wonder to me I just love I really love you for free… I love you for myself I got everything I need. Ever since I started holding your hand……you make me happy baby….When I see you I want to love you more and more….

 “I would just love for myself” is the best lyric I have ever heard. There is something about those words that make me smile. The wonder is love are lyric not just in my heart but in a song.

Love is truly a many spender thing


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