Monday, January 2, 2017

A Plan for the New Year

January 2, 2017
It’s the second day of the New Year, and as always, I set goals for myself with achievable benchmarks. This year my greatest goals are to take more pictures with the kids, drink more smoothies, celebrate life each day, wear lipstick and embrace sandals and sundresses.
Goal One-Benchmark One
I have lots of picture of us separately but very few of us together.  To reach this goal, I have a jar that I will use to save for pictures, and after careful research, the most affordable place to get pictures taken is the local portrait studio. I’ve also asked the kids to make sure they take at least one picture of all of us each time they do selfies, and this will serve as a benchmark of reaching my goal.
Goal Two-Benchmark Two
I love smoothies. Did I say I love smoothies? Smoothies are the most delicious drink that ranks a few marks below my favorite milkshakes. When I drink smoothies, I forget they are a healthy. Smoothies are a delightful treat that makes life a little brighter. My goal is to drink two smoothies at least once a week made with fresh fruit. The benchmark for this goal is the delight on my face as I drink my smoothie.
Goal Three-Benchmark Three
How do you celebrate life each day you awake? There are no easy answers, or a one size fits all solution. I plan to celebrate life by doing the things that make me happy all year long. I love to read, and I plan to read a lot and share that love of reading with others. I like to wake early and enjoy a morning cup of hot chocolate as I watch the sunrise. I plan to celebrate life by doing all the things I love. The benchmark of this goal is the smile on my face as the sun warms it each morning.
Goal Four-Benchmark Four
I love lipstick, and I am fascinated on how it changes the way you look. I have for years invested in lipstick never finding the perfect color. This year I am on the quest for a red and a purple that make my smile dazzling. If at the end of the year, I have more than ten tubes of lipstick my goal is met.
Sandals and Sundresses? Hot summer days are more bearable in sundresses and sandals. As I approach my fifth birthday, I have developed a deep and abiding love for sundresses and sandals and planned to indulge often this Spring and Summer.
I don’t have many goals, and they are not lofty, but they reflect what I want for me in the New Year.


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