Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Abbys Morning Rain

The rain started about 3 am this morning as a loud clap of thunder roused me, waking me from a deep sleep. Tumbling out of bed this morning,  I opened my curtains and started the coffee maker. I love the rain in early morning. I find something calming about the sound of rain as thunder announces its arrival.  As the smell of freshly brewed coffee wafted into my bedroom, I cracked the French doors that lead to my patio breathing deeply as the smell of rain and coffee mingled.

It’s mornings like this that renew my hope in life and the future. Pouring a cup of coffee, I decided to crack a few eggs and make breakfast. As the bacon fried, and my toast popped up a clap of thunder announced the storms, voracious raged was overwhelming the sky. Armed with my breakfast, I plopped down next to my French door and welcomed the rising sun.

It’s day like this that remind me  why I love the morning.


© Abigail Madison Chase

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