Thursday, August 14, 2014

Abby's Evening

The perfection of a perfect day starts at 5am and ends at the breaking of a new dawn.  ~Abby~
Armed with a cheese plate and chilled  bottle of wine, I pulled my favorite chair out the French doors of my bedroom. Watching as the sun descended behind the trees, I wondered how many more years would I enjoy this luxury before time and life slipped away.
Typical for a Tuesday night, I wanted nothing more than to unwind and get my rear in my favorite chair to enjoy great food and the silence of an almost empty nest. Calling to my daughter, Shelby to check the food I reveled in the complete and abundant glory of a day well spent. I'd accomplished nothing and was proud of it.

Nibbling on a cracker, I poured a class of merlot, I sniffed the air and was amused at the delicious smells coming from the kitchen. I’ve never been much of a cook. And I really don’t think cooking was my life’s calling. While I dibble and dabble in cooking, I would much rather leave the cooking to the experts and pick something delicious up from a local restaurant. 

The smell of Shredded BBQ Chicken Nachos, Italian Cheese Hasselback Potatoes, French Fries with Nacho Cheese Sauce, tempted my tummy as I poured a glass of wine and munched on grapes, olives, and pepper jack cheese.  
I could not wait to open the cheese. I finally had the opportunity to use my cheese thing a majig you shave the cheese with. Earlier in the evening I’d purchased three blocks of cheese, Vermont White Cheddar Cheese, Aged Wisconsin Cheddar Cheese, Fiesta Pepper Jack Cheese all by Sargento. I'd seen the cheese on a website and I was determined to experience the glee of wine and cheese as I relaxed. So,I indulged my love of cheese and started to eat from each of the cheese blocks.

Turning on the small radio I keep near the patio doors I kicked back and relaxed. At this very second I had all the traps of success and happiness, two kids in college, a little  one that I adored, great food a marvelous bottle of wine and my own great company. Who could ask for anything more!


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