Monday, August 11, 2014

What Inspires Abby

Someone ask me the other day “What inspires you”. My simple answer was EVERYTHING.
Inspiration for me comes from both simple and complex things. I love the rain because it reminds me of delicate kisses. The lyrics of my favorite love song because they inspire me and remind me of soft caresses late in the evening. The sunset because I can imagine standing on the balcony of a beautiful villa watching the sunset.

I was born in December and winter  and cold weather inspire me.
The howling of a wolf on a cold winter’s night or a kiss on the back of the neck. A woman in a red coat in the middle of a field of white snow makes me wonder what her story is and why she would choose me to tell it.

Snow reminds me of love on a cold winter’s day when the heat has went out and two lovers must snuggle together for warmth. Inspiration for me is about more than just one thing it is a combination of things that equal a treasure trove of love.


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