Monday, January 26, 2015

Life with Abigal!

What I’ve learn in life could fill a six page book. That being said, I guess you could say I have learned very little about life.
Everyone knows that life is hard. We all get that. Yet, we all revel in those sweet moments when good things happen.

Greek philosopher Aristotle published a metaphysical work that included the first known classification of everything whatsoever, or being. I’ve always loved Aristotle and the train of thought that lead him to write “whatsoever, or being.”  If you classified me, I would be your average 40-something, divorced mom of two, with a Collie named Lucy who thinks she’s human. I get the feeling I would fall under the classification of “whatsoever, or being. No, I am not from another planet.  Although there are time when I get my dander up and you would swear I am from Mars.

I am just your average grammar and punctuation challenged mom ,who’s crumbling under the pressure of life ,I suppose. I have two kids in college and their demands on my merger salary are outrageous.  The old Jetta needs new tires, I need a new pair of shoes and Lucy needs a hug. Life’s just that tough for old Jane Bond these day. Did I mention the ex-husband who’s creeping his way back into the house?

Whatever I’ve learn in life can truly fit into a six page book.

1.      Life is hard yet, there should be someone in your life that can commiserate with you on occasion

2.      Your mom was right. Nothing good happens after midnight if your sad and lonely ex-husband shows up with a bottle of wine and great chocolate.

3.      Kids cost money and they NEVER go AWAY. They usually bring other people back to your house to live, ask for money and drive you crazy. You might have started out with two kids but before it’s over you’ll have ten who act like you gave birth to them.

4.      Great Grammar & Punctuation is all it’s cracked up to be. Trying being an author and having screwed up grammar.

5.      I once dreamed I was the Greek historian Herodotus seeing the Ishtar Gate for the first time. Funny thing is I was twelve and had never heard of Herodotus or Ishtar’s Gate.

6.      I also accept the responsibility that goes with ignoring all life’s problems. Rather than deal with life’s hardship, I think I’ll have a shower and an ice cream cone.


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