Thursday, January 29, 2015

Random and Pointless Crap by Abigail

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My daughter is beautiful and she hates cake.  My son is handsome and he hates cake too. I was there when they were born but I have doubts if they are my genetic kids.

I love cake. Yellow cake, Chocolate cake, Lemon cake, any cake that is delicious and can be baked, I will at my leisure partake. But the daughter I gave birth to on Easter Sunday does not like cake. How could that be! Her mother LOVES and ADORES cake.

My sons smile is warm and inviting, he walks with the ultimate of manly confidence. While his father is handsome, my son clean up nice. He loves to smile, he charming and he likes people. I on the other hand avoid people, smile when I have to and I am cute but not as cute and charming as my son and he hates cake too.

I often wonder how I went right in rearing the children. Looking at their faces I wonder who their real mother is cause she ain’t me, I love cake!


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