Sunday, August 30, 2015

Abigail's Kitchen

I awake early in the morning, long before my daughters’ feet hit the floor signaling the instinctive awaking of life in the Chase Household. Long before night ends, a new day begins as love blossoms in the dead of night.  If I listen closely  I can hear the quiet whispers of love as it comes alive as I drift off to sleep. 

The kitchen quietly rumblings as it rises from its daily slumber with the soft grumbling of the refrigerator, as it sings a love song barley heard as the dishwasher smiles and dances.  The broom and mop hang together, the washer and dryer are a perfect match as they sit together in harmony.  The pots and lids kiss as they do a tango.  All are together and in love. 

Love blossoms in the middle of the night long before my daughters’ feet hit floor awaking the Chase Household.



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