Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Harley Quinn & Mistah J Loves Eternal Bonds

There are days when being a woman in love feels like Harley Quinn and her unrequited love for the Joker. Yeppers, Harley is nuts about the Joker and he could care less.

I often wonder if the problem is the Joker just can’t accept that someone would love him. I mean he is an obsessed homicidal manic with an odd smile and ugly clothes.

Harley Quinn is beautiful lunatic who was once a successful doctor. She's obsessive with her love for the Joker but she cute and has a great sense of humor. She can definitely do better in the crazy villainous lunatic boyfriend department.

I am sure the Joker looks at her and wonder why? Why would this beautiful lunatic who calls me Mistah J actually want me?

The Jokers insecurities in my opinion are what are keeping him and Harley apart. Somewhere is my and Harley’s hearts we know the Joker loves her, he just can’t believe she loves him.


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