Sunday, August 2, 2015

Fairytales and Love

My mother use to read fairytales to me and my sisters at bedtime. I guess this was the beginning of my need for Happily Ever After. I love Happily Ever After. I always want the princess to win her man and the two run off and live in the castle happily forever.

The first time I read a romance book that ended without the heroine and her running off to live Happily Ever After I loved. The tortured hero and the foreboding heroine agree to be more than friends but less than Happily Ever After. Somewhere deep down my soul rejoiced and I learned something.

While Happily Ever After can happy most often it doesn’t. The princess may get her man but it might not be the Happily Ever After she imagined. I don’t think I’ll ever lose faith in Happily Ever After but I do have mad respect for those whose ending is not assured.


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