Sunday, September 6, 2015

Abigail Loves Sling TV

Sling TV? I can live with it. I subscribed for a 7-day free trial membership to Sling TV since it was free. I was no expecting to go pass the 7-day trial but low and behold I was quite surprised that instead of cancelling the membership I kept it.

While I have satellite service through Dish Network, I don’t feel that adding additional cost to my bill for on demand TV. Sling TV gives me the advantage of porting my favorite channels with me on my tablet wherever I go and I love it.

Very soon I want to try a 30day Showtime trial, but I am a little apprehensive since they immediately charge you without giving you the chance to actually enjoy 30 free days as advertised before they charge you. Sling allowed me 7days to make a decision.

Anyhoo, what’s a girl to do but flip on her Sling when she’s at the hair salon or doctor’s office?

No one paid for this but me and my own $20.00 a month


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