Monday, September 28, 2015

Happy Anniversary - Abby


I awoke a couple of sleeps ago to the realization that less than three years ago today in 2013 I was a very ill woman. Three surgeries and multiple treatments later, I truly had no idea then how sick I was. But at that moment what knew for sure was that I was totally alone.

There was not one, no not one to stand with me are so I thought. I was slowly proved wrong and I am grateful.

In the shadow of my mind’s eye I can see myself slowing falling into a state of utter and everlasting lifelessness. I can remember standing at so many doors  knocking, asking for help and having most doors not answered and countless others slammed in my face. But then there came a day when so many doors opened I could not handle the help that came my way.

Just thinking about how far I have came and who took the journey with me always makes me misty eyed. Thank you will never be enough for the days I cried and some many who dried my tears not because they had to but they want  to.

I will always be grateful for a handful of people who stood with me, stood for and were by my side through the most difficult time in my life.  The greatest tribute to life is knowing that you have touched someone’s life. Those who touched my life over the past three years make me proud to call them friends.

When I look back at all I been through all I can say is Thank you. Maybe it was the phone calls, the terrible chicken soup, the calls in the middle of the night were I rambled on and on which I later found out were a symptom of my illness or just the silent agreement as I would sit and cry thankful that someone was wiling to listen. Then again it may have been the rides to the doctor that brought me through. Whatever it was, I am most appreciative and will never forget the kindness that was extended to me.




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