Monday, September 7, 2015

Abigail’s Winter Vacation

The doldrums of winter always hit around the first of the just after the holidays end. This year I plan to surrey away to St. Maartan for fun in the sun.

For the past month I have tried to find the perfect swim suit and cover.  Over the years I have grown fond of the swim dress. To say it hides a multitude of faults is to say a mouth full.

I look forward to lots of beach time and water activities.

One of the things I am truly looking forward to is spending the day sailing. I have booked a trip to spend the day on the Passaat Schooner sailing and enjoying the beauty of being at sea. Shopping in St. Bart’s is going to be a treat along with a ferry ride to Anguilla.

It’ll be nice to get a little sun after a couple of months of winter. Now I’ve got to get back to finding a swimsuit and locating my passport.



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