Monday, November 9, 2015

Being Grateful

In a month when we celebrate being grateful, I am reminded that there are time when being grateful is tough.  I have in the past year wish that being grateful was as easy as meme. But it’s not been so easy. It’s tough sometimes to be grateful for the small things when it appears the bigger things we seek are not being allowed to come to us.

I realized that I have been very blessed this year. Though there have been time when it seemed I was not blessed or grateful, I know in my soul that I was and am.  

Sitting on my patio this morning, I began to feel the deep and abiding warmth of being grateful. Surrounded by silence, I listened to the coming rain and said thank you. I’ve said thank you before, but, this time there was something special in my thank you. At a time when I needed it most I was blessed with the most incredible gift of love by so many.

I’ve never made lemons out of lemonade but what I have made is a home in my heart for being grateful.



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