Friday, June 12, 2015

You’ve Got Mail

You’ve Got Mail is the perfect remake of The Shop Around the Corner. On rainy days I cuddle up with my favorite cup of hot chocolate and a book or a romantic movie. My favorite rainy day move is You’ve Got Mail. I am a huge Meg Ryan fan and this movie to me is one of her best. There is a hint at romance without being overly sexual. Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks correspond through email in the most modern of times and inspire romance from the golden age of romantic comedies. Not to mention that I am totally in love with Meg Ryan’s jumper and turtle neck.

I absolutely love being and falling in love You’ve Got Mail is about romance and falling in love.  Love should be so many things. Most often it’s what we least expect. Love is a comedy of unexpected errors that only need to go right once. If you have a chance to cuddle up with a romantic comedy on a rainy day you always win if you select You’ve Got Mail.




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