Monday, June 1, 2015

Projct Horizon: First Landing

“The program to establish a lunar base must not be delayed and the initial base design must meet military requirements. For example, the base should be designed as a permanent installation, it should be underground, it should strive to be completely self-supporting, and it should provide suitable accommodations to support extended tours of duty. “Based on present knowledge, the study has concluded that it is technically feasible to establish a manned base on the moon. This is not meant to imply that the equipment’s are available, or the techniques are completely known.”
Classified Project Horizon,

The day began for Admiral Wylan Fitzgerald as most did. A cup of coffee and a briefing from his assistant 1st Lt. Dawson. He could never remember Dawson’s first name so he just called him Dawson. Watching as the junior officer made him breakfast, he again looked over the classified Project Horizon folder. In his wildest dreams he never imagined he would be a part of such a lofty operation. The fact that he could not tell anyone outside the newly formed agency that would oversee Project Horizon was going to be difficult. His fiancée Beverly Woods worked for the Army to. But the directive had been a direct order. No others except those directly involved in the project were to be informed until the base was completed. Then the Department of Defense would notify the President and Congress. Then choice to tell the American people would be the last one made.

Leafing through the folder he was awestruck. A lunar base on the moon. He’d never dreamed that it would ever be possible. The thought that the Army, his Army was giving serious thought to this was overwhelming. “Technically feasible” the words echoed in head as he read. The United States government was going to establish a lunar base on the Moon by the end of next year.

Project Horizon was going to be a massive operation. Looking up at the calendar he realized that he would not have time to spend with Beverly during the upcoming Christmas Holiday Season. He and a team of two astronauts would be headed to the moon to begin work on the new base.

His first mission was to ensure that military regulations were carried out in the design of the new outpost. He also was to make sure that the base was self-supporting so that it could become a permanent installation.  The Army and NASA had scrapped plans to detonate a nuclear device on the Moon once it was established that doing so could affect the orbit of Earth.

Reaching out he touched the new uniform he was given on yesterday he rubbed in hand over his name that was monogramed patch on the pocket. The patch that was designed by the Army and NASA, a rocket with the words Reeves Lunar Base was in gold lettering along with the NASA logo. Smiling, Admiral Wallace Charles London, was struck by a feeling euphoria he was going to be the first Commander of the Reeves Lunar Base on the Moon.


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