Friday, February 12, 2016

Abigail loves talenti gelato

I love ice cream. Winter, summer, spring or fall you can find me with a big bowl of ice cream.   Back in 2012 a friend began to hype a new ice cream called Talenti Gelato. I am not much for expensive ice cream and Talenti Gelato was at the high end of the spectrum for what I am willing to pay for a delicious bowl of ice cream.  While the name was fancy I was hesitant to be taken tricked in buying an ice cream just because it had buzz.

Yesterday while picking up a gallon of my favorite brand of ice cream I noticed the Talenti Gelato was on sale. It was only a few pennies but I decided to take the plunge and see if Talenti lived up to its reputation.

After dinner I decided to try my new ice cream and boy was I surprised. The hype was right. Layer upon layer of double dark chocolate, smooth and creamy gelato delighted my taste buds. This is the most delicious ice cream I’d ever had. While I want disowns my favorite brand I will splurge when the price is right on Talenti.


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