Friday, February 26, 2016

Abigail's Moveing

I always think the positive road is the road most travel but least appreciated. I was walking through my new home this morning when I realized how much smaller it is then my old one. I was truly for a moment sad. I really need the extra space yet; in my dotage I don’t want to have to climb stairs or maintain such a large home. I want a simple life of comfort and joy.

For a moment all the positive energy I have had about downsizing, my soul has started to cry out that I am a fool. My positive energy has been assailed with tears of sorrow and tales of woe. I at one time was overjoyed and excited about moving. Now I am on the road most travel, that of appreciation.

I, Abigail Madison Chase wanted to stay in my nice big home and not move to a downsized home two doors from current home. It’s not like I am leaving the community that I have grown to love. I will still be behind that gates of a luxuries community two doors down from where I use to live.

I know with all that I have it is wrong to be miserable, but I am. I want my big house. But the fact is in the next twenty years I really want be able to climb the stairs. Ahh the tragedy of a life of possibilities untold.

So it is with less humility that I move forward and recognize that while the road most traveled is filled with a smooth highway of positive energy it is the road least appreciated that I now take.



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