Sunday, April 12, 2015

Legacy Of Three Blackbirds


Legacy Of Three Blackbirds

The sweet sorry of happiness
is darkness run amok?
Life cut short in the blink of an eye
A sparrow in the wind
            Live Long And Prosper?
            Death  may come in the morning

A life of giving to others cut short
Tears of wide spread sorrow
Kisses that disappear like life
Casket of sorrow
Sprinkled with the tears of a well lived life 
            Who shall dry my tears?

Life is a flame that blows out too soon
Memories of happiness replaced with despair
Forever remembered for your kind way
Like a city on a hill your memory lives on still

The Legacy of Three Blackbirds run amok in the night
Connie, Kelly, and Zoe
Death, Kisses, and Sorrow


© Abigail Madison Chase

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