Monday, July 20, 2015



      Bethany entered Rainbow Creek Mall through the parking lot entrance with her phone to her ear, her Kindle in her left hand and her new Galaxy Tablet in her right. Nearly dropping her phone, Bethany waved to Ralph the manager and security guard on the second floor. Frowning Ralph waved back and pointed at her phone, mouthing the words Ok. She ended her call to Friday Wells her best friend and made her way to her suite.

     Smiling she watched as maintenance rehung the sign that said Rainbow Creek Mall.  The old sign had been hanging in the Mall since she first became a resident.  Stopping off at the candle shop she purchased a Japanese bloom candle and continued walking. Waving as she past the shops and merchants. Stepping on the escalator Bethany turned and waved at one of besties Temple Hollow who was getting a smoothie.

Getting of the escalator on the 14th floor, Bethanny scanned her card to open the door to the private suites.  The private suites at Rainbow Creek Mall were beautiful and had every amenity that anyone could want. The only thing missing was fresh air from the outdoors.

    Bethanny missed the sun on her face. But she appreciated that face that she was alive and would hopefully one day again enjoy the sun. So many in the town of Rainbow Creek were stuck outside the mall. In the cold trying to exist in the new ice age. Bethanny always felt a heavy burden on her heart that so many would chose not to believe and ended up dead or starving to dead. The population of earth was decimated in one fatal swoop that keep only a few alive. Bethanny felt lucky. But she also felt like she took the place of someone more deserving. With all her faults she was the one that was saved when others with no faults had died.

   Mulling over the day it happened she sat down on her couch freshly showered and ready for bed. Most of her friends survived.  But there were those who did not. They and their families chose to believe a lie that the world would not be effect and in the end she knew they had perished like so many others.

Moving to the large window in her living room, Bethanny looked out over the city she use to call home. Snow and ice were everywhere. The place was a winter wonderland. Bethanny had chosen a suite that use to overlook the carnival and waterslide. When the snow and ice came the carnival was frozen in place. The water that spouted up in the slides was frozen solid. The lights around the amusement part were still on giving the park an errie look.

Sighing heavily,Bethanny turned away from the window.


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