Wednesday, July 29, 2015

It's Name Is “Change”

Hello Change. Your name evokes a sense of fear in those who hear it.
Change is scary. Foreseeing the outcome and future of Change is never assured. Therefore, I hate change.
Change unfortunately has come to my village this year. Change has brought monumental changes to my life and I am scared to death.

Did I mention how much I hate Change?
Change is sometimes unreasonable. Change forces its way into our lives and changes the hearts and minds of those it visits. Change often brings tears, celebration, sorrow, jubilation and happiness. Changes takes its own sweet time in reveling its main goal.

I am not fond of Change, but it’s happening and I am trying my best not to be sad or feel sorrow as the hand of change touches me.
Change thy name is tattooed on my soul.

 I’ve never been good with Change. I usually lose before I win and lose again. The older wiser me knows that accepting Change without regret is a fool’s errand.

Wisdom and age have enlightenment to the point that I know that it’s ok to debate Change and cry at the ramifications.   

Change is in my village and I am not sure what to think or do.



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