Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Finding Wilder

     The dry fog rolled in on the first day of Spring and on the first day of summer it was still covering the city.  Two weeks ago the fog began to redden and dim the sunlight. On the rarest of occasions sunspots were visible to the naked eye. Nothing seemed to effect the fog.  
Farmers at the higher elevations the climate changed. It was cooler and the local formers were unable to grow crops. On June 3rd all the crops were killed by frost and snow began to fall on June 12th.  Ester Morganfield wrote on her blog that the weather was backward. Bennett Hollingsworth wrote on his blog that "The Lord is coming back.”   Bennett Holyfield reported on his blog that the temperature in upstate Wyoming had been below freezing every day since June 1st.  By the 4th of July is was so cold that everything has stopped growing.

The entire US was in a deep freeze. Crops were failing and severe frost was in Miami.  Food prices were high and supermarkets were having a hard time getting food. Lakes and rivers were frozen. Temperatures did not rise above freezing during the entire month of July and August. Summer highs of 95F would drop to near-freezing within hours.  

The winter was a hardship even for those accustomed to cold weather. The New York Times reported that “scientist continued to diligently working a solution.”  The sun remain obscured and overcast with clouds; while the air was damp, and chilly all summer long. NASA sent up several satellites up in the atmosphere to try and dissipate the clouds. Nothing worked.

By September the small farms were able to produce crops but the prices were still high. The government began to ration the dwindling food supply. Travel bans were implemented in major cities to keep ensure that only citizens of the state were able to buy food. The effects were widespread and lasted beyond the summer. Europe, Asia and Africa experienced the same pattern of weather. The skies were overcast and Summer eventually became winter never to return to summer.

The Year with A Summer had return and this time winter seemed to never end. Scientist nicknamed the phenomenon Overcast.


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