Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Finding Wilder


I was born on May 1, 2025, when the first wave of immigrants from the South entered Wyoming. My parents took one look at my wild head of red hair and knew they had to name me Wilder.

My mother and my father, Maria and Sinclair Wolf are from a little town outside of what use to be N’awls, Louisiana called Abbeville.  I was born on the overland transport that carried my parents from their home in Abbeville to Finding, Wyoming.  My parents have memories of life before the Overcast and I have none. I have always lived in a world that is cold.

Finding Wyoming is my home but unlike most folks I have traveled to my other cities that are still viable even those in the South. My mother is the Sectary of State in Finding and serves on the Regional Council of City States which was established to ensure that all cities have access to the same information about surviving until the sun comes back.

My mother was once a leading bioengineering for the United States Government before the Overcast.  She was the primary scientist on a team that was trying to find out what happened to the sun. She was made Sectary of State for Wyoming after Overcast to protect the interest of the people. My dad’s a part of the engineering crew that constructs greenhouse for people to grow food.  

Finding, Wyoming is a med-sized town and a mixture of folks from all over the United States. Most if not all of the young people have lived here all their lives. There are two public schools, and public transportation that runs underground. Most of the cabins have a basement that lead to the underground trains. No one ever goes outdoors unless they are forced to. Even the shops and malls can be entered from underground.


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