Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Finding Wilder


      The South is not totally uninhibited but those who stayed have to wait months for supplies to come by military transport. The population of the world was down by a third. Most of the losses in the United States were in the South were the people were least able to handle the cold and the coldest temperatures were registered.

     Americans during the Overcast abandoned cities for rural areas where large greenhouses could be built to feed multitudes. Charleston, Atlanta, Memphis, Little Rock, Houston, New Orleans, Dallas Montgomery and Jacksonville Florida were repopulated with less folks then before the Overcast.   The cities were now starting to thrive again and in a year when the government removed the ban on land travel lots of folks were planning to move back to the South as soon as an underground train was built.

      The first underground monorail after the freeze connected the west to the northwest. It was more than a day’s travel to the first major city in the northwest on the high speed trains.  The new monorail to the South was going to be difficult to build since infrastructure was no in place for workers and their families to live in the south as the trains were being built.  

     The cold had changed the world and now the world was learning to adjust slowly to the cold.


© Abigail Madison Chase

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