Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Finding Wilder

America was in a deep ice age and no one knew when it would end. The entire US was a frozen tundra including the Southernmost of Florida. Scientist in America and around the world were puzzled as to why the weather changed.

Families now had to rely on themselves to grow fruits and vegetables. Communities had banned together to create large greenhouses and most homes had their own smaller greenhouses that were issued by the government to help people survive. Livestock was weathering the age in side of barns.

      Most folks learned to adjust to life in the cold without a study source of heat from the sun to warm their bodies. Much of the homeless population was lost the first winter when temperatures dropped to below zero. Most folks now try to spend what use to be winter on the outside when the sun breaks through the clouds for an hour each day. Most of the time the clouds and the heavy fog obscure the sun.

The world was a new place with the Overcast. Planes where no longer a viable transportation option so the government had built high-speed trains that would carry folks underground all over the US.  Schools, hospitals, fire stations and other public building were still open and operating despite the cold. Nothing much changed. People adjusted and learn to live without.

The US survived and thrived as usually under the new weather condition. Elections were still held every four years and folks still found time to complain about politicians.  The panic that was supposed to grip the US if a global disaster happened never materialized.

In the 12th year without the sun Wyoming became one of the first states to reopen its borders to outsider as the temperatures in many states began again plumb it. The government has planned for many scenarios and this was one of them. A large spread of land had been taken by the government to build homes to house those who were fleeing their homes in other states.  The first mass migration of Southerners came in the Fall of 2025.  Hundreds of thousands made their way to Wyoming and within a year the borders were closed again for good. The year after North and South Dakota opened up and more people poured in until the borders closed a year later. The next year Colorado, Virginia, Massachusetts, Rhode Island and New York opened their borders for six months and many folks from the south relocated. Now all the borders are closed and everyone has to stay put where they are. No one is authorized to travel over land accept the military.

The South is not totally uninhibited but those who stayed have to wait months for supplies to come by military transport.


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