Friday, May 8, 2015

My Keds



My teenage years have passed like the summer ‘95 but I still love Keds. Keds are one of my "almost secret" addictions that I feed each and every time I have a few extra dollars.

Keds aren’t to my knowledge sold in any of my local stores so I order mine from the Keds online store. Nothing beats the feeling I get from ordering a size 10 pair of Keds and waiting on them to arrive at my front door via UPS.

I always savor the moment the man in brown hands me my box.  I usually spend a few minutes in sweet memories of the past when my Yia Yia (grandmother) would take my sister and I to the local Sears store to purchase three pair of Keds each.

Buying my sister and I Keds was a ritual that my Yia Yia established when the two of us started school.  We each would receive one pair of red Keds, one pair of blue Keds and one pair of white Kids. After spending nearly half the day in Sears, where my Yia Yia ensured that our Keds were the perfect fit, Yia Yia would take my sister and I out to lunch and allow us to order our own meal.

I always smile and feel a little sad that my Yia Yia died long before she could celebrate the start of a new year with such a rich tradition with my own daughter.

My love of Keds is bound in the sweetest memories. Each time I purchase a pair of Keds and wear them I remember my Yia Yia.  



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