Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Project Horizon: 1967

Project Horizon: 1967 will focus on 16 characters living and working on the first established permanent outpost on the Moon. All my characters will be born in 1967 the year that Project Horizon was to begin. 

I envision at least 6 books for Project Horizon: 1967 Series. The first book  in the series will be a flashback of Project Horizons beginnings on the Moon. I will be writing the first installment as a Blogger Post.

The establishment of Project Horizon: 1967 is very important.  Information about the first base and initial colonization will be loosely based on information from the declassified files from the government. I am really going to take a lot of creative license with this book but I still want it to be based on some facts.

 I will be publishing installments of Project Horizon: 1967 every Monday beginning June 1.


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