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Project Horizon: 1967

Project Horizon: 1967

My book series will start with a new command taking over. I struggled with the names of my crew because there were in my opinion so few great names back in 1967. It took a while but I can now introduce you to the new command of Project Horizon: 1967.
Currently there are not 16 characters listed. The characters listed will be the first that are written about. Over the course of the series these characters will interact with others who will make up the 16.

Dr. Dylan Van Norman – Is a thirty-nine year old retired Astronaut and mother two boys, Liam and Jason. She is a widow, her husband Charles was killed in a motorcycle accident while visiting earth. Dylan was named after Bob Dylan by her father.  Dylan was born on the Moon but lived for six years at the base in Floridians. Her father is a retired NASA botanist.

DOB: Born in December of 1967

Jacob Mockingbird - Is a twice divorced Aerospace Engineering for NASA. This is his first command on the Moon. Jacob grew up in the Black Hills of South Dakota. His great-grandfather was a Navajo Code talker and his father is Chief of the Navajo.

DOB: Born September 20, 1967

Millicent Vazquez – Is a single Meteorology for NASA. She was born in Boston but her parents moved to the Moon Base when she was thirteen. She attended Emerson College when she was sixteen. She has one daughter Molly.

DOB: October 1, 1967

Dr. Aimee Babineaux – Is a Physicist for NASA and has lived all her life on the Moon. She’s never been to Earth and has no plans to ever do so. Aimee is single and has a twin Dr. Martha Babineaux.

DOB August 28, 1967

 Forest Brown – Is a Botanist for NASA. He’s single loves to sing karaoke at the local Moon Beams Bar.  Forest claims Minnesota as home. His father was a career Navy man and the family moved a lot.

DOB:July 22, 1967

Luther Stephens –Is a Lt. United States Marines is a Marines and this is his first time on the Moon. Luther takes over the command of the Moon base with reservation about the future of the base. Congress has asked that he evaluate the usefulness of the base.

DOB: June 25, 1967

Dr. Johnathon Marks –at this time there is no information about Dr. Marks

DOB:May 1, 1967

Dr. Martha Babineaux-Is the twin sister of Aimee Babineaux. Has a degree in Neurosurgery which she earned at thirteen. She also attended MIT. Loves earth unlike her sister she wishes to e transferred to Earth.  She works on both human and planetary problems at the Moon Base.

DOB: August 28, 1967


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