Thursday, June 5, 2014

Abby Loves Icees

I love Icees.
Long before we could get them ourselves, it used to be a treat to go to the store and have the clerk behind the counter make you an icee. Icees were a delectable treat that cost a minimal of 75$ for the largest container, 25$ for the small cup and 50$ for a medium cup. I always got a small cup. Less chance of brain freeze. The only flavor I really remember is cherry. Since the late 70’s, Icee has added many more flavors. Yet, Cherry remains my favorite.

Gone are the days when kids are intrigued and delighted by such a simple treat. I love Icees and as I sit enjoying the daylight and sipping on mine, I think of days gone by when such a simple treat would put a smile on a kids face.

Have You Had Your Icee Today



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