Saturday, June 21, 2014

Who Am I

     I’m Abigail Madison Chase. I am the author of the paranormal series Running Out of Times and the forthcoming The Wild Hoopergrays of Montana series.  Writing has been a passion since the fourth grade.  I freely indulge my passion for writing with paranormal that are mysteries, thrilling and have a military theme. I also love to include little know historical facts in my stories along with the names of towns no longer around.

     I have been writing paranormal stories since the late nineties.  My current series Running Out of Times following Dr. Erick Liam Plez as he unravels the complex mystery that surrounds his life as he tried to retire from the Young Marines in 2026.   My series The Wild Hoopergrays of Montana which debuts next Spring, following the exploits of three retired Marines who now live in the Western Montana town of Nicodemus. A gate way to hell, it’s guarded by three brothers, Jasper, Alsandor and Greyson Hoopergray.  These three brothers are all that stand between their heroines, Echo, Harmony and Giselle. Redemption  in the town of Nicodemus is hell. 
  I love the paranormal genre and I want my books to entertain and capture the imagination of readers from the first word.



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