Sunday, June 1, 2014

What Dreams May Come

A new day dawns with a burst of anticipation and excitement. The bird are singing, crickets give birth to one last chirp.  I awake with a smile. Stuck in a sentimental moment, I wallow. Neither looking to leave nor share the moment. This is my moment. I am the center of attention. This is my home. Strong is the foundation it is built upon.

It appears, I am dreaming. Pretending to go along with the charade, I stand and deliver a soliloquy. I climb the stairs and turn. I watch as I star in my own life. There is no order here. Life happens with a swift certainty. Abigail, Abigail, my voice on the wind is a whisper of things to come.  This is your life, Abigail.

Amazement, trepidation and the stink of happiness permeate the complexity of unspoken questions and answers. How this life thrills me, mellow tones of love relax me. So amazing, a life well lived; I could stay forever. All the windows in my glass house shuttered, broken, there is nothing sweeter. The clouds move with the shade thrown my way.

I can dance. My rhythm is smooth. I don’t want to leave this dream. Just one more hour of sleep? In the world I conquered; love is an unbroken chain, a melody. I want to stay. Come away with me. A discombobulated, mirage of facts and feelings confront me. Nothing makes sense. Nothing matters.

Putting the whispers out of my head, I dance. I am selfish as I dance. I‘d be a fool to stop. I dance like the witch in the original fairy tale. My red shoes are on fire. I am smoking hot. Charleston, Cupid Shuffle,Two-Step, I, I, dance. The crowd cheers. No one gets me like this crowd. I am a phoenix rising.

I awake to a soft rain as it pelts my window, thunder claps in the distance. I get it, destiny is on the horizon.



© Abigail Madison Chase

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