Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Stand Under Abby's Umbrella

The July 1,  release of my book Running Out Of Lies is scary. I wonder if people will like my writing. Will I get good reviews, or any reviews, will actually buy my book? Will I need to stand under an umbrella from the tears that will fall if I fail? I will have lots of uncertainty in coming days. Is it my destiny to be unsure of my future as a writer? Is there truly a destiny to be unsure of?
Should I buy a new umbrella? No, seriously. Should I buy a new umbrella. It's really been raining a lot lately and I would love to have at least two or three different umbrellas. These and many other katcrazy questions should be answered soon. I hope.

I’ve figured out that if no one likes Running Out of Lies, I’ll go ahead and publish the next two books in the series: Running Out of Options and Running Out of Time. Why? I just hate it when a series ends with just one book.  Just like a one hit wonder the series becomes a one book wonder. I read a book once and loved it! But after bad reviews and not very much interest or sales, the author never wrote part two, three, four, or five. I always wondered what happened to the characters. Through the amazement of Facebook, I  contacted the author to see if she would tell me what she had planned for the next five books in the series.

She was so nice! And yes, she did tell me what she had planned! I as a fan would have bought every book in the series. I loved her books and still do. But that series she said was a learning lesson she did not care to repeat. So, if only one person likes my book, I want to give them the chance to follow the story to the end.

So, if Running Out of Lies runs out of gas, I still plan finish up the new series I am working on “The Wild Hoopergray of Montana. Let’s hope this sells at least 3 copies and not to my family. Or maybe I’ll listen to the universe and write one terrible book a year.

The Wild Hoopergrays of Montana. Jasper, Caspian, and Lassiter are three wild brothers who live in a little town owned by the Devil. If you ever wonder into Evangeline, Montana you better be prepared to pay the devil his due.


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