Thursday, June 19, 2014

Abby's Day of Byocheing & Moaning


Ain’t that a Byoche!

You ever want to yell scream, do the hooky pokey, turn yourself around and ask if this is what it’s all about. Yeah, I have to.

Byocheing and moaning changes thangs, or so I’ve heard from successful byochers and moaners.

Me? No so much! Most often I tamper down the byoching and moan and reserve it for a special day.

Today is that day.
Ladies and Gentlemen it’s official Byoching and Moaning Day. This is the day we shake our tail feathers so that we may Byoche and Moan to our hearts our content. Your pet peeves are center stage, other peoples perfect lives can be compared to yours to show just how much you phucked up! You will be compared to “Other People” who, if they were in the same circumstances, like the phoenix,rise above adversity. They my dears are the cream of the crop, while you are the husk on the bottom of the hog pen.

Byoching and Moaning Day is upon us and guess what; you get to be roasted all day, by all the “other people” making it “happen” while you just don’t give a dam.

So, if you have a moment. Shake Your Tail Feathers. It want make you feel better but it will be a lot of fun!



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