Thursday, May 15, 2014

Everything’s Better With Bluebonnet On It!

Everything’s better with Bluebonnet on it!

Just not the computer.

I use to love the old Bluebonnet commercial, always made me wish for Bluebonnets, bonnet or hat if you will. Speaking of hats……In the last couple of weeks as my book “Running Out of Lies” begins to it journey down the birth canal of publication, distribution and into the hands of fan. I am reminded of my desire to wear Bluebonnet hat. As an Indie Author I am both the author and a one woman PR team. Overwhelmed is not a big enough word for what I am feeling. I am so ready to give birth to this little baby. Oh, the joy and anticipation!

I use to watch the old Superman shows from the 50’s. Perry White was always trying to “put the paper to bed”. Yelling “Great Caesars Ghost” there was always something that almost stopped the presses and had Clark, Lois, and Jimmy rewriting or making the paper better for the morning addition.

Sitting at the computer this morning with a nice cup of hot chocolate, dresses in my finest Bluebonnet while yelling “Great Caesars Ghost” I am smiling. I almost have my blog tour locked in, the redesign of my blogger is moving along nicely, my  new website should be unveiled next week and as for me I am as cute as  a button eating a piece of toast with Bluebonnet on it!


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