Thursday, May 29, 2014

There is a certainty in the power of Happy!

1. There is a certainty in a powerful laugh.
2. There is certainty in the power of a smile.
3. There is certainty in the power of Happy.

I was meandering around this morning and a friend took a couple of pictures of me. I like these pictures. They capture the essence that is Abby!

I don’t have a bra on. Since the reduction I find life myself so much happier. I have movement in my body I never had. I was working out at Hip-Hop Aerobic the other day, when I realized, I was really getting into it. I could move without being hit in the face with a whole lot of chest. There is power in movement.

There truly are no complaints over here. I am so happy!

 I looked down at my workout clothes and could not help but smile. I have on my dream work-out clothes. How awesome it is not to complain of not finding clothes that fit.

This girl is on fire. She looks awesome. Wow what a difference a little off the top makes.


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