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Random Questions about Running Out of Lies(No Alibi Series Book One)

Random Questions
Running Out of Lies (No Alibi Series Book One)
What is Running Out Of Lies Book One about?
Book One of Running Out Of Lies is about Dr. Erik Plez.  Dr. Plez, is a former 2nd Lt. in the Young Marines. H e’s just retired 48 hours before our story begins. He’s looking forward to opening his own medical offices and enjoying the next 100years. He’s been a part of the military since he was 16, now all he wants is a normal life with no one to answer to.

Soon things start not to add up. His parents don’t seem to be who they say they are. His military handlers are pushing really hard for him to not leave the military. Then he gets the ability to smell lies and each and every time someone close to him talks they lie. So, he goes on the run to try and figure out what’s going on.

 They allow 16 years old to join the Marines?
No. He’s was a part of a program called the Young Marines. The Young Marines is a real not-for-profit youth education and service program for boys and girls ages 8 through high school.  Young Marines are organized into local units located in nearly every state in the United States. The youths do NOT attend a "military-style" resident program. This is not a program where you send your children for an extended period. On average, units meet once or twice per week year round.  

In 2026 things are a lot different. There are the Young Marines and then there are the Young Marines that Dr. Erik joins.

How did Dr. Erik become a part of the program?
Dr. Erik was recruited by Lt. Col. Perry Matthews a part of a secret unit of the Young Marines.  He’s also Dr. Erik’s mentor. Dr. Erik’s parents are military personal also.

How Did Erik become a doctor? What type of doctor is he?
Erik holds both a PhD, and a degree in medicine. He’s considered a savant when it comes to learning technology and medicine. Map reading is a hobby and a specialty of his. He holds terminal degrees in History, English and Internal Medicine.

What does the secret Unit do?
The secret Unit excels at certain things. Come on it’s a secret and is revealed as you read the book.

Where does the story take place?
Wyoming. Dr. Erik has a love of Wyoming and did most of his military service at the Frank E. Petersen Marine Base which is part of the US Strategic Command.

Who tells the story?
The whole story is told as Dr. Erik lies on a slab in the morgue.

Dr. Erik is in the morgue?
Dr. Erik’ is in the morgue and tells his story starting 48hours before we meet him in the morgue. 
Is he dead?
You really have to read the entire series to find out what is going on.

Where did the idea for Running Out of Lies Come From?
The idea for the story is twofold. One weekend I was listening to music on the internet and Tyrone Davis comes on singing his famous song “Running out of Lies” while I was watching the Italian Job. Somewhere along the way, I took a nap and the two just seemed to merge together.  I awoke thinking about Dr. Erik laying on a slab in the morgue telling his story.

Hardest part about writing the book?
Writing it as my mind went a hundred miles an hour. Self-editing is also my kryptonite.

 When Will Running  Out of Options (No Alibi Book Two) be out?
Running Out of Lies Book 2 will be out in August.
What’s Running Out of Options Book Two about?
We began learn why Dr. Erik can smell lies and who Amelia Polson his new love interest it.


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Sounds like a gripping read. Roll on July!! Good luck with it, Abigail.

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