Saturday, May 10, 2014

Here's lookin at you Kid: Just Like Bogie & Bacall

Insomnia has me as I watch one of my favorite movies. I love Key Largo. Lauren Bacall and Humphrey Boggart ahh, the love they share. So beautiful, so rare, so short.

There is beauty in silence. No Words. No sounds. Just, a look, or a glance. I remember the first time I saw Key Largo. I wanted to be Lauren Bacall. There is a moment in the film that Bacall looks at Bogie.  It was a look no words could comprehend. Bacall owns that look, that moment.  It is her look and everything in the scene depends on that whisper of a glance. Each and every time I watch Key Largo that look steal my heart. To write of silence is to write of a unique place and time that needs no words. It’s true love.

Just a glance, a silent glance, that needs nothing to make it beautiful.


© Abigail Madison Chase

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