Tuesday, May 27, 2014

"Just the facts, mam.",Corn,You looking good these day? What’s Up!


"Just the facts, mam."
Sometimes the facts are all that it takes. I thought, somebody told me and you would think, are all words and phrase that proceed sublimation of “Just the Facts Ma’am. If would rather know what I am speaking on then speak on something without knowing what it is I am speaking on.


I love corn. It’s my kryptonite of the vegetable variety. Straight out the can with just a little butter, salt and pepper to taste. Now dems good eats. I also love hot mouthwatering black skilled fried corn bread. If you had any doubts why I am in a hip-hop aerobics class three times a week wonder no more. I was fortunate the other day to partake in a spectacular merging of corn and corn bread. Cheesy Corn Casserole, corn bread served with hot fried chicken and a side order of mac and cheese and the best darn yams this side of west hell. Yes, the food makeover was to be dammed and I got with it. I don’t think my spoon rested until my plate had been piled high twice, cleaned, liked and put to bed. Its days like this that make me wish for and overabundance of good food.

You looking good these day? What’s Up!  

I am on it!
That is what looking good means these day.  Learning what works for you is an awesome experience. There are BILLIONS of TV Shows, books, websites, magazine articles and combined, read by flesh and blood people, each day trying to answer this very questions. “What looks good on you”.  The notion that people automatically know what works for them is negated by the fact that high-end store have personal shoppers.  These women and men assist you in putting together clothing in the store. They tell you what looks good on you and what looks terrible. O’ but for the sake of reality we all had a personal shopper willing to tell the truth and not sugar coat our clothing failures. What would Neiman Marcus be if not for their personal shoppers? What of stylist if they were not there to guide you in the right direct. I think I have hit my stride and I am on it!


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