Saturday, May 17, 2014

(This interview was cancelled after Dr. Erik refused to cooperate)

Dr. Erik Liam Plez Character Interview

(This interview was cancelled after Dr. Erik refused to cooperate)

I arranged to meet with Dr. Erik through unofficial underground channels at a secret location. I arrived at a small private undisclosed airstrip a little after midnight. After being blind folded and searched by three heavily armed men who confiscated my cellphone, I am placed in an unmarked black SUV.  I soon fall asleep. I awake on an overstuffed couch, look at my watch it is half a day later.

Looking out the big window in front of me, I see mountains all around the cabin. The view is spectacular. I’ve been to here before, it’s Silverton, Colorado. The Million Dollar Highway has to be close.  I see the hunky guys and the SUV, the guys must be patrolling. Taking it all in, I stand up and look around the cabin which is full of Marine motif.

I hear the sound of drums coming from upstairs. It must be Dr. Erik. He sometimes plays or use to for the Marine Band.   As I prepare to climb the stairs the whistle from the Durango-Silverton train startles me.

Losing my footing, I scream as I fall into the arms of a very sexy brown eyed man. Dr. Erik, I presume. Another shirtless man appears at the top of the stairs. I don’t recognize him. My scrambled thank you does not impress the doctor. He only nods and points me to the kitchen table.

The long hand carved kitchen table has the Marine insignia in the middle and is set for Afternoon Tea. A tall muscular man with brown eyes pulls my chair out and offers me tea, sandwiches, fruit and cheese. Tackling the food he puts before me, my stomach grumbles. I don’t know who he is, but, I get the feeling he’s got a story to tell.

Turning back to Dr. Erik I study him.  Dressed in a red T-shirt with faded yellow lettering, Marines can still be recognized.  His jeans look snug.  Though Dr. Erik is relaxed as he sits back in his chair, His rugged face is worried. He looks a lot different then when I first wrote him.  His sandy locks are now dark brown. Yet, he’s still handsome as he yawns then sips his tea.

Abigail: Dr. Erik thank you for meeting with me.

Dr. Erik: I thought it was time we meet.

Abigail: Why

Dr. Erik: Lady, you’ve been on my tail for years. Now that you’ve told my story I think it only fair people hear my side.

Abigail: The books not out yet Dr. Erik

Dr. Erik: I know

Staring at each other, there is an uncomfortable silence, so I sip my tea and nibble on a tuna sandwich with walnuts and cranberries.

Dr. Erik: Look Abs. I’ve got a 100 men on my sixes.

Abigail: I thought sixes was a Navy term? I thought you were a Marine.

Dr. Erik: It is.  Dalton’s, a Navy man. He nods to the chef who smiles. Stay around Dalt enough you’ll say it to.

He says nothing else. The stubborn alpha male is in residence and I had better grab hold of the reigns or my interview will be over. I’ve offended him.

Abigail: You’re literally running for your life. Why?

Dr. Erik: I was in the Young Marine Program for more than a decade. Then I decide to leave and become a small town doctor and all hell breaks loose. I am running from lies Ab’s.  The only people I can trust are the four men here.  I can’t even trust my parents.

Abigail: What about Amelia?

Dr. Erik waves his hand and two of the three guards come in.

Dr. Erik: This interview is over Abs. My men will take you back to the airport.

Dalton hands me a bag of goodies with a smile. Dr. Erik disappears. I guess this means the interview is over?


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