Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Running shoes, Afternoon Tea, Wine & Cheese and Ladies Who Lunch


Running Shoes

There are few things that can motivate me to exercise. But, for someone reason I have surrounded myself with people who know how to motivate me. I know what you are thinking, “How could that be?”  I am not sure of the how or the when, but it has happened. One would think at this point, I would utter the phrase “and I am all the better for it” but given it’s me…. I will whine and complain about it.  What has all this to do with running shoes? Nothing. I just want a cool pair of running shoes, which makes me think I am in too deep, and it’s the fault of those I have surrounded myself with. (Nice run on sentence)Yep, something’s never change.  

Afternoon Tea

The delicate china tea set I received when I was five, was the most glorious Christmas gift I ever received as a child. It was made of real china and had my first initial on the plates and the teapot. Slowly but surely as the years went by the pieces went missing and some even got broken. Over the years I have thought of that tea set and the fun I had playing with it. As life has moved forward my doll named Allison has become my daughter named Allison. When I was writing my book Running Out Of Lies my tea set became a part of the book. One of my male characters loves to cook and he loves Afternoon Tea.  Funny that old tea set is still bringing me great joy o’ so many years after its demise.

Wine, Cheese & Fruit

I have always imagined myself a lady. That is a lady of a certain era where ladies "do lunch" and serve others and themselves Wine, Cheese and Fruit. I am not much of a wine drinker, but, I do ever so love cheese along with a little fruit. I like it served on a cutting board like the elite along with delicate buttery crackers as my imagination leaps to the conclusion that I am a lady of leisure and this is what we do.

Ladies Who Lunch

I want to be a lunch lady. Let me correct that. I want to be amongst the “Ladies Who Lunch”. I am not sure who they are, but, they have a line of nice clothes. I see them everywhere.  I also want to live on Mars, drive a flying car and read all day. Dreams, the stuff Ladies Who Lunch dream of.


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